One of the most acclaimed international advertising, interactive and design student competitions, the One Show Young Ones Competition offers students across the globe the opportunity to compete for cash prizes and a coveted One Show Pencil. Celebrated each year at Creative Week, the Young Ones Competition exists to recognize "the best of the best" of creative students.

Contact with any questions.

Entrants must be college students or enrolled in an accredited advertising, graphic design or other academic program.

Entrants from non-accredited advertising or design programs must be approved by The One Club prior to the submission of entries.

You are NOT eligible if you are working at an agency as a copywriter, art director or other professional position.

The One Club will act as a liaison to ensure that the client will contact the students if they decide to publish or produce any work entered in this competition.

All entries become the property of The One Club and will not be returned. All finalist work will be retained by The One Club for use in the One Show Annual. The entrant also grants permission to The One Club to show or license others to show, edit and publish the entries at such times and in such manner and media as The One Club deems appropriate. The decisions of the judges on all matters are final, including determinations as to eligibility.

You can pay for entries via one of the following options:
  • ONLINE PAYMENT – AMEX, MC, VISA and DISCOVER are accepted. The One Club accepts online credit card payment via VeriSign Secure Online payment.

  • CHECK – For the total amount of fees, checks should be made payable to: The One Club for Art and Copy

  • OFFLINE CREDIT CARD – The online entry system will automatically generate a printable payment form. Fill this out with your card information.

  • WIRE TRANSFER – International entrants may arrange for payment via wire transfer. Account details will be given during the payment process.

  • GROUP PAYMENT CODE – If your school is paying for your entries, have your teacher or a department member contact to set up a Group Payment Code for your class or school. This will let each student enter their work on their own and once everyone is finished, the teacher can pay for all entries together.

When is the deadline?
We are not currently accepting submissions for the competition. Check back for more information.

Who is eligible to enter?
Students from colleges, graduate schools or portfolio schools are eligible. You cannot participate if you are working as a creative at an agency or a design company, excluding an internship. If you have any questions about eligibility, please contact

Can international students participate?
Yes. International students are welcome to participate.

Do I have to be an advertising major to enter?
No, we welcome entries from students studying any range of subjects.

Do I have to be a One Club member to participate?
No. You don't have to be a member of The One Club to participate in the Young Ones Competition. However, we highly recommend becoming a member for its many other benefits!

I am attempting to enter, why can I not see the Young Ones categories?
If you cannot select the Young Ones categories, check that your account type is set as "Student" or "Faculty" in your account details.

Do I send in the work or upload digital files?
It depends on the category. Some categories may only require you to digitally upload your work. If this is the case, NO physical packages need to be sent in. However, other categories require you to upload digital images during the entry process in addition to sending in the physical pieces you must submit for judging.

Do I have to enter in all categories?
No. Students can choose one or more categories and may enter work for one or all brief challenges.

Can one student/team enter more than one entry?
Yes, students can submit multiple entries into the different categories. However, students may not enter the exact same work in multiple categories; you must choose a single category you believe to be the best fit for your creation. Additionally, the exact same ad may not be used for multiple campaign entries.

Can I share my work for the competition online?
We cannot say enough that privacy settings MUST be set so any competition entry content online can only be viewed with a shared link or be password protected. Any work that is searchable on the internet and not otherwise made private will be DISQUALIFIED from the competition. You will be able to share work in your portfolio ONLY AFTER the competition results are announced, but it then must contain a disclaimer stating that the work was created for the Young Ones Competition and not commissioned by the client.

Can I use images from the internet for my entry?
Yes, you do not need to worry about usage rights for this competition (though you are of course welcome to create your own images or have a photographer as part of your entry team). You can use images from the internet, but cannot post your work anywhere online except for your online portfolio ONLY AFTER the competition winners have been announced.

Do students need to work in teams?
Although The One Club encourages students to work as a team, a single student can work on entries on his/her own.

Is there a limit to the number of students per team?
No, there's no limit. However, please keep in mind that any resulting award prize will be divided among all the team members credited in the entry system.

Can members of a team be from different colleges?
Yes. To credit both schools, simply add them in the "School Credits" section of the entry process.

What is accordion style?
If you are submitting hard copies, multiple prints must be taped together so they unfold side by side horizontally.

How do international students pay?
It is easiest to pay with a credit card online at the end of the entry registration process. If you do not have a credit card, use one of the offline payment options.

What do I do if my school is paying for my entries?
IMPORTANT: Please ask your teacher/school to contact BEFORE anyone from the class enters their work online. We have a special group payment method that simplifies the process for all involved.

Can I get my work back?
No. All entries will be kept by The One Club.

Can I submit work I've done for a school project or my portfolio?
You may ONLY submit the work you did for the briefs provided by The One Club. The Young Ones Competition does not have a spec work category.

How can I give credit to a teacher who helped me put my entry together?
To credit your teacher or professor, simply type in their name and select the "Professor/Instructor" title on the "Individual Credits" section of the entry process. Should you win, your professor will not receive a prize or pencil, but will be recognized as a champion of the winning team with his/her name printed in the annual and published on our awards archive.

Is there somewhere I can see past Young Ones winners?
Check out our awards archive at

When do we find out who has won?
The finalists will be contacted in April 2015 at the primary email address listed with your entry (please watch your email). All pencil awards will be announced and presented live at the Young Ones Awards Ceremony in May in New York City. All entrants are welcome to join us for the party in NYC regardless of your placement in the competition, it's an awesome celebration of your hard work. So consider making your travel arrangements now!

What else happens if I win?
Pencil winners are acknowledged with cash prizes ($3000 for Gold, $2000 for Silver, $1000 for Bronze) for each team, to be divided as determined by team members, as well as Pencil award trophies. Merit winners are acknowledged with printed certificates mailed directly to them. All Pencil and Merit winning work is published on our website at, as well as in our One Show Annual publication, both alongside the best professional advertising as recognized by The One Show. A huge honor.

What happens at the Young Ones Festival?
We hope you will join us for the Young Ones Festival, held during Creative Week in May. The week will include the Young Ones Awards Ceremony as well as other fantastic events like portfolio reviews, agency tours, parties, networking opportunities with top advertising creatives and recruiters, and much much more. Tell your friends and professors, and start arranging your trip to NYC!